Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day this year, was the first time I’ve had the day off in a long time. Since my new wakeup time is 5:30 in the morning, by 7:00 I needed something to do. So I took Beckett to Dog Beach for a 4 mile walk, and some Sea-Glass hunting 🙂

I love the diary filter on Instagram stories, and it was the perfect way for me to chronicle my walk.

I wanted to play more on the rocks, but I couldn’t get closer — the tide was coming in.

The light reflecting on the water was absolutely amazing on my way back to the car.

On my way back I found a Go Pro! Thursday I was able to hook it up to a computer, and there was Skydiving in San Diego photos, and photos from Costa Rica on it. I was able to identify the Skydiving company, and they recognized the people on there — they are currently contacting the owner. Fingers crossed he gets back to them soon.

There’s nothing like an early morning beach walk… And as to where I ended my day…

Well, that’s a story for a different post 🙂

Do any of you collect Sea-Glass?

Morning Run

I am so proud of myself, because on Tuesday I achieved one of my goals. To wake up early, and go for a run before work!

I made it a little over two miles, at a good pace, then made it back home in time to see a very excited Beckett who wanted his morning walk.

My friend told me that I looked like a real winter runner 🙂 It’s been pretty cold here. Colder than my friends weather in Boston and New York!

I then saw this ad, and love these shoes! Completely reflective rainbow running shoes! It’s nice when running gear can be both cute, and functional.

So far with Brooks, I have completely loved the Launch — I tried the Ravenna and my foot did not like it at all. I’m not sure what other shoe to try from them.

This week at work, I finally brought my mini blender in to work. I have been making myself green smoothies, and finally using up all the protein powder I bought.

What have you been up to this week?

Any morning runners? What are your tips and tricks?

Sunday Runday

This sunday I went for a run – it was chilly – it was the windiest I had ever seen, but for the first three miles, I kept seeing progression miles, ending with one of my fastest miles in 6 months.

I was so happy with my third mile! The 4th mile was slower, it was harder, the wind was crazy, and I stopped to take photos and videos.

Look at that palm tree! I had two friends say nope to the bike path, but I kept on going.

The sand was blowing across everything and pelting my legs. They felt like they were stinging, so I run the last .30 into the headwind to try and get out the sand quickly!

Pescado Tacos after – they were so good, but so spicy as well, and then I was grateful for a hot shower. This was my first run of the season where I ran with long sleeves on. I’m looking into getting a couple more, so I can make sure I stay warm and don’t get sick this winter!

Where do you get your warm winter running clothes?

What I’ve Been Doing

  • Watching Top Chef
  • Buying a Dutch Oven (will post more about this when I receive it)
  • Planning the first meal I will cook in the Dutch Oven (either Roast Chicken or Coq Au Vin)
  • Watching the Dodgers
  • Getting a consolation drink, since I couldn’t complete my weekend plans
  • Trying to figure out the best way to execute my Project Management Certificate
  • Finding the motivation to run
  • Sleeping in on accident because it’s so dark outside in the mornings.
  • Learning Spanish on Duo Lingo
  • Catching up with my friend in Ecuador
  • Planning my next adventures

Still need to execute my plan to complete my 1/2 marathon… I forgot recently that I completed a 23 mile hike… so at least I know I can go the distance!


Once a year a few friends and I go camping in Parker, Arizona. The river is fun, and we just hang out and relax – it’s a non negotiable – we go every year.

This year we went last weekend, it was gorgeous, and we did a trail too. I started out wearing black socks and a black tank top and had to take them off, I got WAY too hot.

You can just barely see the river, and the green of the campsites.

This was the ridge we ended up going down. All the rocks were breaking off as you tried to step or grab them. I ended up sitting and scooting for a bit, and now my butt is STILL bruised from the rocks.

We did find a tunnel with some cool art, I guess a lot of people like to go hang out and spray paint the tunnels.

I ended up having to put ice in my bra, to make it through, but I did it! Another trail in Parker complete.

It’s funny, because just that Wednesday I had a great run where I felt so strong and fast, and then on Saturday I felt completely different. That’s just how running goes sometimes!

It’s Time…

To start half marathon training!

I have a virtual half I am going to start training for. It is the OC Half Marathon. I ran the Long Beach half last year, and it was my first half. I signed up for the OC Half soon after, and then the Surf City one as well, to get a special medal. Well with COVID in order to get my special medal this year… I needed to run my last half virtually or else it defers to next year.

I have Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training book, I have been strength training and felt stronger and faster on my last run, so I am ready to get training started.

The thing is… I’m more of a night runner… which works for my schedule, when I have to be at work by 7 AM, but part of me is curious if I would do well running in the early morning.

Any tips on running early morning in the dark?

Any half marathon training tips?

Has anyone run a virtual half yet?

Dance Cardio

I’m feeling a little down and extremely stressed out today — while my normal activity to calm down is a walk, I haven’t been going on them due to the smoke outside. On Saturday I walked Beckett around the block, and immediately got a headache. Every morning when I walk Beckett, I turn the corner, and the sunrise is red.

I’ve been staying inside because of these fires, (as are so many of my friends!) I am so sad for the entire state of California, but this time has allowed me to discover something again… dance cardio.

I feel ridiculous sometimes – sometimes my feet and legs get tangled, but overall it’s been fun! I used to do a dance cardio class in high school, but I haven’t done any dance cardio since then!

Tonight I already have plans to learn this dance.

It looks fun, and is a little sexy, and I feel like it’s going to lift my mood.

This one also looks really fun 🙂 The first song is Crazy in Love by Beyonce!

Of course, dance cardio is Tracy Anderson approved too. 4 out of the last 5 days I have been able to get up in the morning before work, and work out by doing Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout! I even have some one month progress photos I am debating on sharing 🙂

I really like how I’m accomplishing something before work, but now I just need to go to bed earlier! I have been so tired, because I’m getting up at 5:30, but still staying up past 10.

I have a goal to submit the first of my Tree Permits to the City of LA, so I need to go – sometimes I procrastinate when I’m stressed out, and this is one of those times!

Are any of you getting the smoke from the fires?

What cardio have you been doing?

Highs & Lows

That’s what life is about right? Highs & Lows?

I did dance cardio last night and was able to keep up – high!

I worked out for the second morning in a row before work – high!

I asked for and got a raise – high!

I had my car broken into, and had to pay for a new window – low, but my coworker was able to get me a great deal – over $100 less than the best price I found – high!

This morning I found an un-repairable nail in my tire – low. My coworker also knew a tire guy, and it was fixed in 1/2 hour and was $40 less than where I would have gone after work.

I honestly don’t know what happened to my tire… it looks like two nails, the rest of the tire looked way better, it was this patch that was just gone.

I have a lot of good friends, a lot of opportunities, and changes that are coming soon. I have a lot of support from so many places, but as we all know, life is hard sometimes. I feel like I’m on the edge of a breakthrough. That if I work hard enough, a few more pieces will be put together, and I’ll be able to level up.

But it’s like what they say… no grit no pearl.

PS I totally love and want that print… but really, $89 Pottery Barn?!

Tracy Anderson Method

One workout I’ve done over the years, and have come back to is the Tracy Anderson Method.

I was first introduced to her because of Gwyneth Paltrow, and when she got super in shape for Iron Man. At that time I didn’t know who Iron Man or Pepper Potts were, but her body was long, and lean and strong, and that’s what I wanted. I also heard other people swearing by her method, which had me intrigued.


So I did Tracy Anderson for awhile, starting with her Mat method, saw results and then stopped.

I haven’t picked it back up until the last couple of weeks. I tried BBG, and a few other methods, but with still working out at home, I have been liking Tracy Anderson the best.

I have an event coming up in exactly a month, so I am going to do Tracy Anderson’s Mat Method every single day until then. Day 1 – I got up at 5:30 in the morning to workout before work. I hope this becomes a new habit! She also promotes Dancing as her preferred form of Cardio, which I will also be doing while the air is smoky from the fires.

I think one of my favorite things about Tracy, is that she wants you to look the best you can be, and she’s honest – no one but Gwyneth Paltrow will look like Gwyneth Paltrow. She wants us to look like the best versions of ourselves.

PS if you want to try an workout, check the one out below, this was shared on Goop earlier this year. Also, here’s a different video with Busbee Style’s thoughts and results!


California is on Fire — right now at my work, ash is raining down on our cars, and the air smells burnt. The sun is red every morning when we wake up… when we can see it at all. I feel like as Californians — we’re used to this, but it doesn’t make it feel less devastating each time.

I haven’t gone outside and run because the air quality is pretty bad, and my lungs and eyes are irritated, but I plan on taking a walk on the beach sometime this week – my theory is that the air quality is the best there.

This past weekend, I had left my camelbak in the front seat of my car, and someone busted the window, and grabbed it. Luckily there was nothing major in there, but I had to get it fixed yesterday. Also – luckily my coworker knew someone, and got it fixed for $100 less than the best price I had found.

This morning, to celebrate Tuesday, I decided to wear animal print and get some tea… only to realize it’s Wednesday… I did this last week where I lost a day too. This week it’s more understandable though!

PS – a belated shout out to my SIL for her birthday! Thank you so much for all the dinners at your house, for lots of wine, laughter, and more!

What’s your go to Starbucks order? Mine is a toss up between a Treni iced green tea, with no sweetener and light water… or an iced Americano with heavy cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top… if I want to treat myself sometimes I add raw sugar to the Americano.