Lunchtime Walks

I have started… eating lunch at my desk while I’m working, so I can take advantage of my lunchtime to go for a walk. I am now over 1.25 miles walking at lunch if I walk fast enough. A lot of the time, while I’m walking I relize how grateful I am to put on my hat, and sunglasses, mask, listen to a good podcast (today it was I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein)

I notice things like the heirloom tomatoes, and tiny peppers our neigbors are growing. A couple of different neighbors have chickens!

I also enjoy noticing the little things, and trying to snap a quick photo with my phone. Below, it looks like someone had a birthday suprise dropped off!

I bought my hat on a walk, I have seen baby chicks (I say hello to them every walk) I have discovered how the alleys work, I have smelled orange blossoms, found dirt paths, have been watching the pomegranates grow, I have encountered many doggos, and have logged a few hundred miles now.

When I come into work, before writing my to-do list for the day, I write down things I am grateful for, and my goals too. I’m thankful a lot to have work, and a job, and coffee, but I also write down my lunchtime walks a lot too, and it’s easy to see why.

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