What I’m Loving Friday

I love that I start my days out with a few lists. A list of gratitude, a goal list, and a to do list for work. Currently… I am intermittent fasting, I’m not 100% sold on it, but it’s also now part of my lifestyle. Which means, that I have accomplished a goal, so I’m not sure what to do now… or what new goal to have!

I am loving that my ankle is feeling better (I sprained it last week – fell hard, and heard it pop — it wasn’t good) and I am ready to test it out on a short run this evening… wearing my Brooks Launch’s.

True story, I had put on coconut oil before my run last week… and yes, those are gnats that are stuck to my leg. SO gross, but honestly, that run was a great run otherwise! I hit the mile time I was striving for, and got to see a pretty sunset.

As always I’m YEARS behind when it comes to TV shows, so I *just* started watching How To Get Away With Murder. It’s SO good, I am able to predict some parts, but other parts, I’m just shocked at! Shondra Rhimes is a genius, and I love the strength mixed with the raw vulnerability that Viola Davis brings to the role.

This morning, I got to see the sun rise while walking Beckett. It has been so overcast and grey, which is fabulous, but today’s sunrise, made me realize, I’ve missed the golden morning light on our walks.

For this weekend… I have a bike ride, and tennis planned, then if my COVID test results come back okay… I get to hold my Godson! 🙂 He is SO cute, just turned 3 months old, and with this pandemic, I COVID test, then immediately go over, and help out. Last time I helped feed him a bottle, burp him, but I laughed at diaper changing time when he peed on Amy :).

What are your weekend plans?

Any other TV shows I’m late to that I should watch?

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