Weekend Fun

This weekend started off with a 10 mile bike ride. I have started riding again once a week with a couple of friends. I was psyched to make it to 10 miles!

After biking, we transitioned to tennis, well… tennis and scotch.

I then went on a late night walk/adventure with Ben and Crystal. In these times of COVID, I may be seeing people, but it’s always outside, and we’re always active and moving.

Yes, on top of everything else for the day, I also got in a 5 mile walk, and had some good revelations about life. Needing to let things go, and how nature gives us the ability to feel like we’re one with the Earth and it’s vibrations.

Speaking of letting things go… I let go of my fear of going to the beach and swimming without anyone else going with me. The beach has no waves, and a roped off section for swimmers! I made sure to get there before the lifeguards, so Beckett could also hang out on the beach. I swam from the shore to the buoy’s three times. I even got Beckett to go in the water which he never does! SO proud of him!

We then walked to a different beach, and looked (and found!) some seaglass. One of my favorite things to do.

After this, I was exhausted. I accidentally took a nap… grabbed some Thai food, and then finished out my night with this.

I tested negative for Covid, so I got to hold my Godson! He’s so cute, and precious! He was super hungry almost the entire time though, and sleepy too. I think he’s recognizing me, and remembering me because he waved and smiled at me a lot.

All in all, it was a good, but exhausting weekend, and I can’t wait to see what adventures next weekend brings!

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