23 Miles

This weekend, I hiked 23 miles. Of these 23, I maybe ran 1, but most of it was hiking, and eventually very slow hiking towards the end. We started off at 8 something in the morning… I had to haul ice, and drinks down for a drink stop before starting trail., and I got fairly muddy

Finally we were able to start trail. I had two friends with me the entire way – Chasen and Lisa, and we couldn’t have done it without each other!

We had 5 trails to get through, and every time we moved to the next one, we were so psyched!

We basically went Irvine –> almost to Laguna Beach, and back. By the time we were closest to the water, I was too tired to take any photos.

Finally we started making our way back to Irvine.

I was so happy when we finally hit Trail 5! The last Trail! Only a 10k left, and 6 miles was NOTHING compared to the 17 we already accomplished. I had a friend who started trail earlier say that she was NOT smiling by Trail 5 haha.

This trail… was a lot more hills than we expected. I was so slow, my hips hurt A LOT, and they had never hurt before, but I didn’t stop, I just kept going.

Finally we hit the top, and it was all downhill from there… but in the best possible way 🙂

At one point, after coming down off the last ridge, I looked back and saw the moon rise. I was happy that even though I was pretty much out of water (the White Claw I had didn’t count!) it was cool enough, I didn’t need it anymore.

We saw the the sunset, and heard some coyotes… we got in and Chasen and I had .05 miles to get to 23 so he jogged a quick lap, and I walked it, and we hit 23 miles exactly!

I am SO proud of myself, last year we did the same type of long trail, and it really encouraged me in my abilities, and was the reason I knew I could run a 1/2 marathon. My calves are so sore, but it was so worth it.

Like Lisa said… only 3.2 more miles until a Marathon… but I think I will wait a little bit before I tackle one 🙂

What did you accomplish this weekend?

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