Friday Night

Friday Night consisted of dividing up the Girls and Boys, and playing Poker. The men played 7 different games, with so many different rules… and the girls played to learn, and for fun.

This little handout SAVED us, but I still couldn’t read it right. The last hand I played I was excited to have a straight… turns out I had a flush!

Before that, I came from work, and was finishing copying over my Project Management notes… one of my goals is to get my PMP Certificate by the end of the year, and it’s crunch time. Now that I’ve finished copying over my notes into my PMP only notebook, I will be watching the videos, and completing 35 hours of education. I am currently at a little over 4. It takes me a long time, because I pause the slides, write everything down, and then I listen.

With so many goals, and so much going on sometime it seems like I can’t do everything I want to in one day… which is true. I can have it all, just not at the same time. I am trying to work on how I will fit everything in… currently, not sitting down when I get home is helping a lot : )

How do you stay productive with all your goals?

What are some major goals you have coming up?

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