Job Walks

Sometimes when I do a job walk, I see nothing, but on Monday when I went out for a job walk, I found Street Art! Street Art is one of my favorite things. I’ve gone scouting for it, I have pulled over suddenly to take photos, I have made detours on purpose to find it . It’s also a great way to find new places to go, new artists you never would have heard about, and a fun way to get some extra steps in for the day.

In LA, unsurprisingly, there are a lot of Kobe Bryant and Nipsy Hussle murals. I have seen them in Culver City, Downtown LA, and even in the most surprising places.

I absolutely love this mural and quote. I accidentally got lost trying to find my way to a job site, and ended up quickly pulling over and taking these photos outside of a gym.

My favorite though is the one below. I have seen it also in DTLA, a few years ago when I was a permit runner and getting my start in Construction 🙂

In case you ever forget… You truly ARE a goddess living in a city of angels.

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