California is on Fire — right now at my work, ash is raining down on our cars, and the air smells burnt. The sun is red every morning when we wake up… when we can see it at all. I feel like as Californians — we’re used to this, but it doesn’t make it feel less devastating each time.

I haven’t gone outside and run because the air quality is pretty bad, and my lungs and eyes are irritated, but I plan on taking a walk on the beach sometime this week – my theory is that the air quality is the best there.

This past weekend, I had left my camelbak in the front seat of my car, and someone busted the window, and grabbed it. Luckily there was nothing major in there, but I had to get it fixed yesterday. Also – luckily my coworker knew someone, and got it fixed for $100 less than the best price I had found.

This morning, to celebrate Tuesday, I decided to wear animal print and get some tea… only to realize it’s Wednesday… I did this last week where I lost a day too. This week it’s more understandable though!

PS – a belated shout out to my SIL for her birthday! Thank you so much for all the dinners at your house, for lots of wine, laughter, and more!

What’s your go to Starbucks order? Mine is a toss up between a Treni iced green tea, with no sweetener and light water… or an iced Americano with heavy cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top… if I want to treat myself sometimes I add raw sugar to the Americano.

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