Dance Cardio

I’m feeling a little down and extremely stressed out today — while my normal activity to calm down is a walk, I haven’t been going on them due to the smoke outside. On Saturday I walked Beckett around the block, and immediately got a headache. Every morning when I walk Beckett, I turn the corner, and the sunrise is red.

I’ve been staying inside because of these fires, (as are so many of my friends!) I am so sad for the entire state of California, but this time has allowed me to discover something again… dance cardio.

I feel ridiculous sometimes – sometimes my feet and legs get tangled, but overall it’s been fun! I used to do a dance cardio class in high school, but I haven’t done any dance cardio since then!

Tonight I already have plans to learn this dance.

It looks fun, and is a little sexy, and I feel like it’s going to lift my mood.

This one also looks really fun 🙂 The first song is Crazy in Love by Beyonce!

Of course, dance cardio is Tracy Anderson approved too. 4 out of the last 5 days I have been able to get up in the morning before work, and work out by doing Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout! I even have some one month progress photos I am debating on sharing 🙂

I really like how I’m accomplishing something before work, but now I just need to go to bed earlier! I have been so tired, because I’m getting up at 5:30, but still staying up past 10.

I have a goal to submit the first of my Tree Permits to the City of LA, so I need to go – sometimes I procrastinate when I’m stressed out, and this is one of those times!

Are any of you getting the smoke from the fires?

What cardio have you been doing?

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