Once a year a few friends and I go camping in Parker, Arizona. The river is fun, and we just hang out and relax – it’s a non negotiable – we go every year.

This year we went last weekend, it was gorgeous, and we did a trail too. I started out wearing black socks and a black tank top and had to take them off, I got WAY too hot.

You can just barely see the river, and the green of the campsites.

This was the ridge we ended up going down. All the rocks were breaking off as you tried to step or grab them. I ended up sitting and scooting for a bit, and now my butt is STILL bruised from the rocks.

We did find a tunnel with some cool art, I guess a lot of people like to go hang out and spray paint the tunnels.

I ended up having to put ice in my bra, to make it through, but I did it! Another trail in Parker complete.

It’s funny, because just that Wednesday I had a great run where I felt so strong and fast, and then on Saturday I felt completely different. That’s just how running goes sometimes!

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