Sunday Runday

This sunday I went for a run – it was chilly – it was the windiest I had ever seen, but for the first three miles, I kept seeing progression miles, ending with one of my fastest miles in 6 months.

I was so happy with my third mile! The 4th mile was slower, it was harder, the wind was crazy, and I stopped to take photos and videos.

Look at that palm tree! I had two friends say nope to the bike path, but I kept on going.

The sand was blowing across everything and pelting my legs. They felt like they were stinging, so I run the last .30 into the headwind to try and get out the sand quickly!

Pescado Tacos after – they were so good, but so spicy as well, and then I was grateful for a hot shower. This was my first run of the season where I ran with long sleeves on. I’m looking into getting a couple more, so I can make sure I stay warm and don’t get sick this winter!

Where do you get your warm winter running clothes?

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