Morning Run

I am so proud of myself, because on Tuesday I achieved one of my goals. To wake up early, and go for a run before work!

I made it a little over two miles, at a good pace, then made it back home in time to see a very excited Beckett who wanted his morning walk.

My friend told me that I looked like a real winter runner 🙂 It’s been pretty cold here. Colder than my friends weather in Boston and New York!

I then saw this ad, and love these shoes! Completely reflective rainbow running shoes! It’s nice when running gear can be both cute, and functional.

So far with Brooks, I have completely loved the Launch — I tried the Ravenna and my foot did not like it at all. I’m not sure what other shoe to try from them.

This week at work, I finally brought my mini blender in to work. I have been making myself green smoothies, and finally using up all the protein powder I bought.

What have you been up to this week?

Any morning runners? What are your tips and tricks?

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