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Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day this year, was the first time I’ve had the day off in a long time. Since my new wakeup time is 5:30 in the morning, by 7:00 I needed something to do. So I took Beckett to Dog Beach for a 4 mile walk, and some Sea-Glass hunting 🙂 I love the diary … Continue reading Veteran’s Day

Morning Run

I am so proud of myself, because on Tuesday I achieved one of my goals. To wake up early, and go for a run before work! I made it a little over two miles, at a good pace, then made it back home in time to see a very excited Beckett who wanted his morning … Continue reading Morning Run

Sunday Runday

This sunday I went for a run – it was chilly – it was the windiest I had ever seen, but for the first three miles, I kept seeing progression miles, ending with one of my fastest miles in 6 months. I was so happy with my third mile! The 4th mile was slower, it … Continue reading Sunday Runday